• 2008-12-01





    And in an effort to hit you with even more information, below are some quotes from our Directing and Supervising Animators about what they like to see in reels:


    "I'd rather see 15 seconds of amazing animation than 3 looooooooooong minutes of an unwatchable film. Those 3 minutes can feel like an eternity if everything isn't perfect."


    "You’re applying for Animation? Well--show me good animation! Show me acting. Show me thinking. Show me a character that is alive. I don't care about lighting, modeling, shading, particle effects, or how clever you are. Blow me away with something I've never seen. An original character with a distinct personality!"


    "Do you draw? Are you a good designer? That's great! Make sure it's in your computer animation as well!"


    "Animation. Computer. Drawn. Stop Motion. Sand under glass. If your reel kicks arse, we may hire you regardless of the medium. We don't want to see only computer stuff."


    "Keep your reel short n' sweet. We watch a lot of these things in reel review so if there's weird, older, not-so-good stuff at the beginning we might pull the tape out before your great stuff! We don't need to see where you came from--we need to know how good you are right now. Edit down to your best stuff."


    " The classic animators were inspired by real life and all of the other films around them. And so are we. We're not looking to hire Animation Nerds. We want people who draw from their own other experiences, from live action, and yes, from the Old Masters!"

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